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Pizza is taken seriously in the United States, where the question of which place boasts the best pie is the subject of heated debate. Every state, city, and even restaurant has its own distinct spin on the Italian classic. Here are some of the best slices in each state, factoring in price and taste.

Editor’s Note: This story was updated in April 2024. Prices and menu items are subject to change. 

pizza at Lake Martin Pizza in Alabama, Dadeville

Alabama: Lake Martin Pizza


These thin-crust specialists serves up pizza with a side of friendly service. Lake Martin's varied menu of premium pizzas has non-marinara bases such as Alfredo sauce starting at $19 for a 14-inch pie, or $13 for plain cheese and marinara sauce.

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half amazing apricot and half wild mushroom pizza at Moose's Tooth in Anchorage, Alaska
Nancy H./Yelp

Alaska: Moose's Tooth


The choices of pizza are nearly endless at this popular Anchorage haunt. The Tooth has unusual variations of the classics, including Spicy Thai Chicken ($13.50 for a 10-inch), Amazing Apricot ($14.50), and Greek Gyro ($14.50).

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pizza at My Slice of the Pie Pizzeria in Arizona, Phoenix

Arizona: My Slice of the Pie Pizzeria


This pizzeria injects regional spice into this Italian specialty with its roasted habanero Southwestern-style sauce, available on any pie in lieu of marinara. Enjoy tabletop games at My Slice of the Pie while waiting for a build-your-own pie or specialties such as the "Al Pastor What?" ($16 for 12 inches, $29 for 18 inches).

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pizza at ZaZa Fine Salad and Wood Oven Pizza Co. in Little Rock, Arkansas

Arkansas: Zaza Fine Salad and Wood Oven Pizza Co.

Little Rock and Conway

The Little Rock branch of this pizzeria starts its pies with San Marzano tomato-based sauces. The Italian authenticity doesn't affect prices at Zaza. Here prices start at $12 for a classic cheese or marinara pie and top out at $17 for specialty pies like the Roman, which features Petit Jean bacon, Roman sausage, and pepperoni.

pizza at Brooklyn Pizza, Reseda, California
Rashmi V./Yelp

California: Brooklyn Pizza


Family-owned Brooklyn Pizza has been making New York-style pizza for over 35 years. Start with a $10 medium (14-inch) cheese pie and add toppings for $1.95 each, or try the Brooklyn Works or White Night ($16 for a medium) for something a little different.

pizza at Blue Pan Pizza, Denver, Colorado
Lauren D./Yelp

Colorado: Blue Pan Pizza


This pizzeria in the Mile High City makes thick, Detroit-style pizzas ($13 for a small that serves two people). Choose from high-end toppings such as naturally cased pepperoni, fresh ricotta, and white anchovies. Blue Pan also makes New York and Chicago-style pies.

mozzarella, roasted, artichoke, and meatball pizza at Zuppardi's Apizza in New Haven, Connecticut
Don P./Yelp

Connecticut: Zuppardi's Apizza

West Haven

New Haven-style pizza gives New York City a run for its money as the pizza capital of the Northeast with the family-owned Zuppardi's Apizza. The pizza highlights at this neighborhood institution are the meatball marinara ($12.50 for a small) and the escarole and beans ($14.25 for a small).

Closeup of rectangular pepperoni pizza in a white tray, Ledo Pizza, Washington, D.C., selective focus, mid-section of person holding the tray, jeans and grey shirt blurred
Ledo Pizza/Yelp

District of Columbia: Ledo Pizza

Ledo Pizza first opened its doors in 1955 when, as the original owners said, pizza seemed to be a passing trend. The restaurant has since become a local chain — but it’s still a family-run business and despite its commercial success, is still committed to using the original recipes and high-quality ingredients (even if it means taking a little longer than your average takeout pizza joint). The basic 8-inch Ledo pizza goes for $9.

chicken taco pizza at Café Napoli Restaurant and Pizzeria in Wilmington, Delaware

Delaware: Café Napoli Restaurant and Pizzeria


This charming Italian eatery serves up authentic pies with great prices. The square Sicilian thick crust at Café Napoli is hearty and rich (starting at $18), and those in search of a gourmet pizza can try the Buffalo chicken for $20 for a 14-inch medium.

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margherita pizza at The Wine Barn in Winter Park, Florida
Gabe M./Yelp

Florida: The Big Cheese


The Big Cheese has been around for more than 30 years and uses only Bacio mozzarella from Wisconsin, so you know it has to be good. A cheese slice costs $4, while a cheese 14-inch large pizza starts at $21 (additional toppings are $3.50).

fellini special
Nicole B./Yelp

Georgia: Fellini's Pizza

Multiple locations in Atlanta

You can grab a New York-style slice at Fellini's for $3.25, or $15 for a medium pie. Traditional toppings are available. Fellini's Special comes in regular or Sicilian crust and includes toppings such as meatballs, green olives, peppers, sausage, and mushrooms ($21 for a medium).

pizza from brick fire tavern

Hawaii: Brick Fire Tavern


The owners of Brick Fire Tavern have trained in the Neapolitan art of pizza-making, and the expertise can be tasted in every bite of the wood-fired, traditional pizzas. Try the Margherita ($19) or pepperoni ($21).

cheese pizza with basil from guido's

Idaho: Guido's Original New York Style Pizzeria


Guido's in downtown Boise serves slices ($3.25 for cheese) and pies notable for cheap prices and thin crust. Medium pies are a whopping 18 inches and start at $16.

pizza at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria, Chicago, Illinois

Illinois: Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

60 locations in the Chicago area

In Chicago, you're never far from a deep-dish pizza at Lou Malnati's. There are literally dozens of Lou Malnati's in the Chicagoland area. A Chicago Classic with sausage starts at $13 for a personal pie, but prices can vary depending on location.

Oley's Famous Large Double Crust "Deluxe" at Oley's Pizza in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Oley's Pizza/Yelp

Indiana: Oley's Pizza

Fort Wayne

Oley's Pizza bakes a pie just as delicious as anything served in Chicago. The family-owned restaurant is famous for stuffed "double crust" pies starting at $17.40 for a small cheese and $14.75 for single-crust specialty pizzas.

pizza at Fong's Pizza in Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa: Fong's Pizza

Des Moines

Part tiki bar, part pizza parlor, Fong's Pizza lets customers create their own pizza ($19 for a 16-inch, $2.50-$3 for each topping). But why not try some of the quirky combinations like Mac and Cheese, Fongolian Beef, or Crab Rangoon ($24 to $25 for a 16-inch pie)?

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pizza at AJ's NY Pizzeria in Topeka, Kansas
Jules S./Yelp

Kansas: AJ's NY Pizzeria


An unfussy place, AJ's has specialty pies such as the Greek-flavored John Stamos and the Gentleman Jimmy's Taco Pie, starting at $19.49. But if you're looking for classic pizza, try a 14-inch cheese pie for $15.49.

chicken, bacon, and ranch pizza at Impellizzeri's in Louisville, Kentucky

Kentucky: Impellizzeri's

Louisville, Elizabethtown, Middletown

Impellizzeri's features "Louisville-style" pizza, each pie baked with two layers of cheese and two layers of toppings. Enjoy a dense, fully loaded pie such as the chicken bacon ranch starting at $17 for a 10-inch.

pizza at Pizza Delicious in New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana: Pizza Delicious

New Orleans

This pizzeria in the Crescent City’s Bywater neighborhood earned its reputation as the city's premier pizza place with foldable slices as cheap as they are delicious ($20 for an 18-inch cheese). Specialty pies and toppings change daily, but have included vegan peppadew, hot coppa, and sriracha pineapple.

pizza at Derosier's in Freeport, Maine
Lana H./Yelp

Maine: Derosier's


Open since 1904, Derosier's sells pizza slices all day starting at $3.49, but if you have the appetite, it's more economical to grab a 14-inch cheese pizza for $15. Or try the medium Buffalo chicken with blue cheese dressing and chives for $21.

pizzas from matthew's pizza
A F./Yelp

Maryland: Matthew's Pizza


Opened in 1943, Matthew's Pizza claims to be the first pizzeria in Baltimore and has made a multitude of "best of" lists. A 10-inch mozzarella pizza is $11, and most toppings are $2 each.

pizza at Ernesto's in Boston, Massachusetts
V S./Yelp

Massachusetts: Ernesto's


This North End institution makes pizza in one size — an extra-large 18-inch — so bring an appetite. Cheese is $19.80, and toppings start at $3.95. Speciality pizzas include the ZaZa white pizza and Buffalo Chicken Supreme.

verdure e funghi pizza at Supino Pizzeria in Detroit, Michigan
Carla J./Yelp

Michigan: Supino Pizzeria


Supino Pizzeria offers either red or white specialty pizzas, but diners can also get an 18-inch for $18. It's a busy place where diners hail the Bismarck and funghi pizzas.

pizza at Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza in St. Paul, Minnesota

Minnesota: Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza


With two locations in Minneapolis, Black Sheep uses coal ovens to craft thin pizza crusts to crunchy perfection. The menu includes 14 pizzas and a host of ingredients for guests to design their own 12- or 16-inch sizes. A 16-inch cheese pizza is $23.75.

pizza at Sal and Mookie's in Jackson, Mississippi

Mississippi: Sal and Mookie's

Jackson and Madison 

New York pizza is the draw at Sal and Mookie's. Specialty pizzas are named for various Big Apple landmarks and people, such as the Upper West Side and CBGB. Customers can also build their own 14-inch pies for $14 (toppings extra).

pizza at Pizza-A-Go-Go in St. Louis, Missouri
Brian M./Yelp

Missouri: Pizza-A-Go-Go

St. Louis

Pizza-A-Go-Go offers nothing but pizza and fountain sodas, but the pizza is a perennial hit with locals and has been since the '60s. Enjoy small ($8.50 and up) and large ($13.50 and up) pizzas, and remember payment is by cash or check only.

pizza at Eugene's Pizza in Glasgow, Montana
Rob R./Yelp

Montana: Eugene's Pizza


Eugene's Pizza is a family restaurant that has used the same secret recipe for more than 50 years. Order one of the oddball specialty pizzas, including one with Canadian bacon and sauerkraut and another with tuna, shrimp, and mushroom. Small, one-topping pizzas start at $9.80. All medium pizzas can be had for less than $20.

pizza at Lighthouse Pizza and Fries in Omaha, Nebraska

Nebraska: Lighthouse Pizza and Fries


The home of the 9-inch slice ($9.25) lets customers choose five toppings or a specialty pizza. Try to resist 尝颈驳丑迟丑辞耻蝉别’蝉 Mac & Cheese or the Ed & Sal (topped with bacon and Parmesan garlic fries).

clam pizza at Dom Demarco's Pizzeria in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada: Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria

Las Vegas

When in Sin City, try Dom DeMarco's cheese-and-pepperoni Di Fara special (around $30 for the large) — if you can resist Northeast favorites such as littleneck clam or pesto and grilled chicken. Every pizza can be ordered in New York-style or as a Detroit square-pan pizza.

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house special pizza at Tilton House of Pizza in Tilton, New Hampshire
Ethan T./Yelp

New Hampshire: Tilton House of Pizza


It's hard to beat the prices at this Granite State restaurant, where large pies range from $15 to $18. For a heartier pizza, order the chicken and broccoli Alfredo pie ($21 for a large).

pizza at Star Tavern, Orange, New Jersey
Richard R./Yelp

New Jersey: Star Tavern


The Star Tavern measures up to New York City pizzerias with its selection of signature pies. Try the white clam or three-cheese, $19 and $18.75, respectively.

pizza at Giovanni's Pizzeria in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Meilinn T./Yelp

New Mexico: Giovanni's Pizzeria


This pizza joint gives New York pizza a Southwestern twist. At Giovanni's Pizzeria, the signature pie is the New Mexican, spiced up with ricotta, chicken, and green chilies. They don't deliver, so be prepared to pick up your pie.

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pepperoni pizza slice at Joe's Pizza in New York City, New York
Kevin W./Yelp

New York: Joe's Pizza

Multiple locations in New York City

It doesn't get much simpler than Joe's Pizza, a white-tiled New York institution serving $4 slices. The original Greenwich Village location is always busy and has been in business since 1975.

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Times Square pizza at Peri Brothers Pizza in Raleigh, North Carolina
Annie C./Yelp

North Carolina: Peri Brothers Pizza


At Peri Brothers, pizza comes New York style or with Sicilian thick crust, and there's a Queens style (upside-down Sicilian), and even a "Grandma Sicilian" with basil, tomatoes, and thin crust. Fresh toppings include homemade ricotta, feta, and meatballs, and 12-inch New York-style pies start at $14.49.

half chipotle steak and half t-rex at pizza at Rhombus Pizza in Fargo, North Dakota
Tim L./Yelp

North Dakota: Rhombus Guys Pizza

Fargo, Grand Forks, and Mentor

Rhombus Guys pizzerias are known for thin-crust pizzas and colorful specialty pies. At the Fargo location, try the T-Rex, loaded with Canadian bacon, bacon, beef, and a few other choice proteins, or the Taco (both $14 and up).

margarita pizza at Crust in Tremont, Ohio
Daniel T./Yelp

Ohio: Crust


A somewhat divey pizzeria in the city's trendy Tremont neighborhood, Crust has made a name for itself by cooking from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. A medium cheese pizza is $16, while a large is $19. Speciality pizzas start at $23 and include a spanakopita pie and a roasted eggplant that has arugula and a balsamic reduction.

pizza at Hideaway Pizza in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hideaway Pizza/Yelp

Oklahoma: Hideaway Pizza

Oklahoma City and multiple locations elsewhere

This 24-location chain (four in Arkansas and two in Texas) has a long list of pizzas starting with a small cheese for $10 and almost any topping imaginable. The 13-ingredient large Xtreme is the most expensive, at $28.49 for a 16-inch. Recommended: the vegetarian Pizza of the Gods, with olive oil and artichoke hearts.

margherita pizza at Life of Pie Pizza in Portland, Oregon
Lezley L./Yelp

Oregon: Life of Pie Pizza


Life of Pie Pizza makes good use of the region’s agricultural bounty, putting all sorts of local ingredients atop its wood-fired, bubbly-crusted 11-inch pizzas. A basic margherita starts at $15, and specialty pie prices go up to $19.

pizza at Santucci's Original Square Pizza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
John K./Yelp

Pennsylvania: Santucci's Original Square Pizza


Philadelphians come to Santucci's for a regional specialty: square pies where the sauce is layered over the cheese. A 9-inch pizza starts at $11, and prices top out at $30 for large specialty pies.

pizza at Figidini Wood-Fire Eatery in Providence, Rhode Island
Christina V./Yelp

Rhode Island: Figidini Wood-Fire Eatery


In addition to baking Neapolitan-style pizzas in a wood-fired oven, Figidini boasts of using powder-fine, European-style "00" flour. Prices begin at $20 for a marinara pie and never exceed $26 (for a burrata made with San Marzano tomatoes, salametto piccante, and shaved garlic).

pesto, pollo, and jalapeños pizza at D'Allesandro's Pizza in Charleston, South Carolina
Molly B./Yelp

South Carolina: D'Allesandro's Pizza


D'Allesandro's Pizza offers hand-tossed pizzas with lots of variety for not much money: 10-inch pizzas start at $9, and the 16-inch Supreme and Greek pizzas top out at $28. A menu highlight is the Beetnick ($12.20 for a small) with goat cheese, bacon, rosemary, and golden beets.

pizza at The Independent Ale House in Rapid City, South Dakota
Shea S./Yelp

South Dakota: The Independent Ale House

Rapid City

It's a fine bar, but where the Independent Ale House truly shines is its cheap pizzas — large enough to serve two for $12 to $16. The mashed potato pizza with bacon bits and garlic-mashed red potatoes is $15, and as is The Hasselhoff cheeseburger pizza.

312 Pizza, Nashville, Tennessee
Terry S./Yelp

Tennessee: 312 Pizza


It's possible to get a Chicago-style pizza in Nashville at 312 Pizza, but you can also grab a 12-inch, thin-crust pizza for $18 if you prefer. Want to go a little over-the-top? Grab a deep-dish Capone, which has Italian beef, bacon, chunk sausage, and pepperoni starting at $29. PBS fans dubbed 312 the best in the city, so it's worth trying.

pizza at Via 313 in Austin, Texas
Donald S./Yelp

Texas: Via 313

Austin, Houston, and Elsewhere

Ten locations bring the crunchy-crust pan pizza of Detroit to Austin and other Texas locales. At Via 313, the signature Detroiter pie ($15 for a "small" large enough to serve two) is made with two kinds of pepperoni layered on either side of the mozzarella. There are thin-crust, bar-style pies too.

pizza from the pie
Nick P./Yelp

Utah: The Pie Pizzeria

Salt Lake City

The Pie Pizzeria has several locations and is famed for its fragrant garlic and four kinds of crusts, including a spicy "Apocalyptdough," on a wide-ranging menu starting with a 12-inch cheese pizza for $12. They also offer delivery by mail to anywhere in the U.S.

chicken, bacon, jalapeno, and honey mustard pizza at Manhattan Pizza & Pub in Burlington, Vermont
Danielle H./Yelp

Vermont: Manhattan Pizza & Pub


There's live music, 20 beers on tap, and food specials every day at the laid-back Manhattan Pizza & Pub. Try a small 13-inch DIY pizza starting at $11 (toppings $2) or sample a specialty pizza, such as The Hatties (pepperoni, peppadew peppers, and basil) at $22 for an 18-inch large.

afterburner pizza at Pungo Pizza & Ice Cream at Virginia Beach, Virginia
Troy B./Yelp

Virginia: Pungo Pizza & Ice Cream

Virginia Beach
A modest eatery on the outskirts of Virginia Beach, Pungo Pizza has a few ways to enjoy pizza. Basic 12-inch pizzas are $13 to $18; there are stuffed pizzas for $23 and $24; and a "roll-up" (different from a $13 calzone) is $13 or $14.

Washington: The Kiernan
Edith R./Yelp

Washington: The Flying Goat


The Flying Goat isn't afraid of flavor and fat, that's for sure — they have pie called the The Kiernan ($18.50) that's loaded up with heavy cream and a house cheese blend and then piled with Italian sausage and truffle-oil-tossed arugula. The finishing touch? An over-medium egg. The Goat's Kerri Lynn Margherita pie is $15.

brunch pizza from lola's
Parth P./Yelp

West Virginia: Lola's Pizza


In a cozy, wood-paneled house, Lola's serves up pizzas from a stone-hearth oven. Their online ordering system lists build-your-own pizzas starting at $11,  and there are numerous specialty pies for $15 with toppings like fig jam, flank steak, and more.

pizza at Transfer Pizzeria Café in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Caitlyn C./Yelp

Wisconsin: Transfer Pizzeria Café


Housed in an old brick, pharmacy building, Transfer has a menu split among traditional pies, ones made with garlic cream sauce, and specials that blend tomato sauce with pesto. Menu pizzas range from $10.75 for a small to $23.50 for a large.

veggie pizza at Crowbar & Grill in Laramie, Wyoming
Kyle K./Yelp

Wyoming: Crowbar & Grill


Pizzas at the Crowbar & Grill are cracker-thin and crispy, build-your-own slices start at $4 and $13 for a small pizza. Large pies top out at $30 for versions like the Sledgehammer, which features red sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, and fried egg. The Billhook specialty pizza features ground lamb, tzatziki, and feta for $20 (small) and $30 (large). 

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