Unbothered Pit Bull Joining Mom Sunbathing Is a Whole Summer Mood

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With summertime officially about a month away, people and pets alike are feeling the itch to get outside. With the sunshine, the comfortable temperatures, and the beautiful flowers in bloom, what's not to love about springtime in nature? Even old dogs who just want to sunbathe on the patio seem to relax a little in the spring, but one sun-loving Pit Bull is, without a doubt, more of a summer girl.

Even this dog's name--Cove--reminds me of summer! On May 10, she decided it was warm enough to sunbathe in the backyard, but lying on the ground simply wouldn't do. Instead, she joined her mom in her favorite chair for a tanning sesh!

Aww! Cove is such an affectionate dog, and it's the sweetest thing to witness. This Pit Bull's mom is such a lucky dog owner to have such a snuggly pup on her hands (and on her lap), but I think Cove might be luckiest of all. She has a doting family, a comfy home with lots of sunshine, and a mom who will drop everything for a cuddle...after taking a memorable video, that is!

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But why does Cove love the sunshine so much? Maybe she gets chilly with her short, white fur, or perhaps she just prefers to be warm. This seems to be a completely normal behavior for this comfort-loving dog, though, so there's no reason to be worried about it. Every dog gets cold sometimes, and many dogs seek out nap spots in the sunshine regardless of their comfort temperature-wise.

Do Dogs Need Sunscreen?

When white pups like Cove spend enough time in the sun, their owners may begin to wonder if they need sunscreen, too. And surprisingly--they just might! While sun exposure is only a small problem in the day-to-day picture, some dogs can also develop skin conditions such as melanoma over time. This isn't necessarily common,  but it can happen often enough among light-colored and short-haired dogs like Cove. That's why sun protection is so important.

You can ask your dog's veterinarian for their favorite brand of dog sunscreen, or you can do your own research before choosing a project. Make sure that any sunscreens you pick for your dog do not include zinc oxide or para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) as these ingredients are not safe for dogs.

Even dogs who have thicker, colored fur that leaves less skin exposed could use a dab of sunscreen on their nose to avoid cracking and dryness. A paw balm can also be a great skincare tool for dry paw pads, although I think we all can agree the only skincare this dog is worried about is her tan!

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