San Diego Shelter Dog Is 'So Excited for Every Moment' Despite Not Being Adopted Yet

Nick Chase 68/Shutterstock

As important as it is to spread awareness about overcrowded and understaffed animal shelters, it can also be emotionally challenging to see, hear, or even think about the animals in the shelters. It takes so much patience and hope to survive a stay in the shelter, but one happy dog is turning heads in San Diego for the sweetest reasons.

Meet Smooch! This cutie pie is just as sweet as her name implies, but what her friends at the San Diego Humane Society love most about her is her happy-go-lucky spirit. She's excited about every moment and every interaction, as you'll see in the shelter's June 6 TikTok video, and she meets every new day with hope...despite not being adopted yet.

OMG--what a happy girl! Smooch can't get enough of playtime and pets, and something tells me she's going to thrive like nobody's business when she's in a loving forever home. She'll make her owner just as happy as they'll make her!

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It's easy to see how this black dog's smile rubs off on her shelter friends, though what we really want to see is her energy rubbing off on an adopter! Still, sharing this video gets her one major step closer to finding the perfect owner, so it's only a matter of time.

With her larger size and athletic skills, Smooch seems like a great companion for an active individual, couple, or family. Even if she falls for the fake throw during a game of fetch, she seems like the type who's quick to forgive and eager to keep the game going. Her focus on the tennis ball is unmatched, though she's happy to drop everything if it means getting some scratches and cuddles, too. Now that's one well-rounded pup!

Why Dogs Shut Down in the Shelter

Even though Smooch is as happy as can be for her playtime in the shelter yard, many dogs aren't so positive and hopeful. It's not their fault! Spending even a week in the animal shelter can prevent a dog from meeting their social and emotional needs, but it's always refreshing to see an extraverted dog who's still feeling hopeful and happy.

If you ask me, this is a testament to the shelter staff and volunteers' hard work and dedication to the well-being of their residents. It is beyond difficult to care for so many dogs and cats at once, but providing dogs with just a few minutes of playtime and attention each day can be the difference between a shut-down life or days full of hope. Thank you, San Diego Humane Society, for showing everyone that there is still so much hope and happiness in shelters!

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