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These are our top travel must-haves to buy during Walmart's summer sale event, starting at just $15

These are our top travel must-haves to buy during Walmart's summer sale event, starting at just $15

Traveling isn't cheap. From airline tickets and hotels to food and activities, a trip will cost you, and that doesn't even include the accouterments you'll purchase prior to the trip. We're talking about suitcases, packing cubes, toiletries, clothing and accessories, the works. That's why now is a perfect time to stock up on all the travel essentials you may need. The Walmart Deals summer savings event is happening now so you can find the much-needed travel gear for your next getaway. The sale runs through July 11 — a week ahead of Prime Day 2024 — and it's Walmart's biggest sale of the year so far. We're seeing prices that match Black Friday, including up to 65% off items the most seasoned travelers recommend.

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From hardshell luggage sets and weekenders to toiletry and accessory bags, there are many options, like this set of 10 bags for toiletries, shoes and more for just $16. Keep reading to find the best travel deals to shop right now during the Walmart Deals event so you can save money for extra souvenirs.

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Think about it — during air travel, the bag you'll use the most is your "personal item." It's where you store your passport, wallet and valuables, and when it's time to stow it, you likely place it under the seat in front of you on planes just so it's within reach. This duffel is roomy enough to function as a weekender bag and has tons of features like a wet/dry pocket, a front phone compartment, and a trolley sleeve for easy carrying.

"Lightweight and durable," one five-star reviewer wrote. "Easy to collapse and expand. It fit easily onto the suitcase handle and easily on the airplane. I used it for medications, valuables, and overnight items."

$15 at Walmart

Most travelers don't realize how convenient packing cubes are until they've used them. While some of the most popular options available today are pretty limited in quantity, this one comes with 10 pieces that cover all bases — we're talking a toiletry bag, shoe bag, zipper bag, drawstring bag, mesh bag and even an underwear bag, and that's all in addition to the four packing cubes you get that vary in size.

"A true savior!" one of many five-star reviewers wrote. "They simplified the experience of living out of a suitcase for a week. Initially, they appeared to be quite small, but they can accommodate a great deal and create more space by stacking into orderly little cubes. They effortlessly fit into my sizable luggage."

$16 at Walmart

When we see a markdown this drastic, we take notice, especially when multiple items are included! This three-piece luggage set comes with a carry-on, medium-sized and large-sized checked luggage pieces, all for just $100. Several shoppers rave that they love this set because each piece is hard-sided, which means extra protection, and, best of all, lightweight. For peace of mind, the suitcases come with secure TSA locks.

One shopper described these suitcases as "essentially indestructible" after sharing an accident they had that put the luggage to the ultimate test. "I went to Disneyland with these. No, we didn't fly, but wow!" the reviewer wrote. "In a luggage carrier, the bags flew off the top of the vehicle, and these things — I'll tell you what — held their weight ... not even the wheels broke on it. These are it if you want durability."

$100 at Walmart

Traveling with toiletries can be a bit chaotic. So many people just throw the products they need in a case with no rhyme or reason, and when they get to their destination, it's like they're playing a game of hide-and-seek with their sunscreen. This unisex toiletry bag keeps all of your items organized thanks to its 10+ compartments. There's dedicated space for your toothbrush, mascara, lotions, sunscreen, lip products, wipes and anything else you may need. Best of all, though, it comes with a hanging hook, so you'll be able to easily access anything you need.

If you're traveling with your family — especially with children — this toiletry bag will make your life so much easier. Just ask this shopper: "The spacious interior easily fits toiletries for the whole family, and the hanging hook makes it convenient for use in hotel bathrooms or on the back of a door," the reviewer wrote.

$14 at Walmart

A plane isn't the most comfortable space to catch some Z's, so finding products that make it a bit more peaceful and cozy helps so much. This set comes with an ergonomic neck pillow that supports both your neck and face, a contoured eye mask to block out any sunlight (especially on those red-eye flights) and ear plugs to mask those distracting (and inevitable) airplane engine noises. The set even has a drawstring travel bag for you to store all three pieces before you disembark.

"This pillow is so comfortable that I'm tempted to use it even when I'm not traveling!" one impressed shopper wrote. "I purchased it for myself for 10 hours of flying and once it arrived in the mail, my boyfriend immediately needed one as well."

$17 at Walmart

Who doesn't love a two-in-one travel hack? This multifunctional travel backpack is one of the few personal item bags that gives you so much bang for your buck. It has one large main compartment, a 14-inch laptop compartment, a wet bag compartment and even a dedicated space for your shoes. For easy carrying, it has a trolley sleeve that slides over your luggage handle and a chest-fixed buckle to keep it from sliding if you choose to wear it on your back. Not sure which color to choose? Well, you have a whopping 43 options!

"Perfect size to travel with," one reviewer wrote. "I had no problems going through TSA with it. I used it as my personal item bag and it was able to fit easily under the airplane seat."

$34 at Walmart

There's nothing worse than your phone running out of juice while you're in the middle of your commute or airport travel. To keep this nightmare from happening, most travelers invest in a high-quality power bank and you don't have to break the bank to get one that won't die on you after just one charge. In fact, this one from trusted tech brand Anker fills up the iPhone 12 up to five times on a single charge. Also, since it's super slim, you can just slide it in your pocket or personal item bag and it will barely take up any space.

"This is the charger I use every day instead of a wall charger," one shopper wrote. "My life is busy and this charger is fast and also portable, so it makes life easy. Whenever I travel, I take this and between me and my friends, we use it and it charges all of our phones with still juice to spare."

$39 at Walmart

Looking for an even steeper discount? This bestselling four-piece luggage set is 16-inch and 20-inch carry-ons and 24-inch and 28-inch checked suitcases — each one is just $25 apiece. The inside of each piece is spacious and even has zippered dividers to keep your things organized while you travel. They all also have 360° silent spinner wheels that make gliding through the airport a breeze. Choose from eight fun colors.

If you're looking for an affordable luggage set that will last you for years, Walmart shoppers who've put it to the test say this is the one to buy. "I've owned this luggage set for over three years and it continues to perform admirably," one five-star reviewer wrote. "Although the luggage has experienced some general deterioration, it remains an excellent collection and does not require replacement."

$100 at Walmart

Expandable luggage makes traveling much less of a headache and this two-piece set for $110 is proof of that. In addition to the expandable carry-on that has roomy zippered compartments, you also get a small cosmetic case that attaches to the top of the luggage via a trolley sleeve. This case is perfect for storing your passport, wallet or any items you need to access easily during travel. The suitcase even has an insulated cooler pocket and expands by 30%, giving you space to store a few souvenirs or some extra clothes you may have bought on your vacation.

"It glides through the airport with ease, and has plenty of space for four to five changes of clothes and a pair of shoes," one reviewer explained. "The insulated pocket kept cool with an ice pack, which was convenient for insulin storage for the duration to our destination."

$110 at Walmart

A pair of high-quality headphones will come in handy for the plane ride this Sony favorite is currently nearly $90 off. It's one of the leading noise-canceling over-ear headphones you'll find — and trust me, it'll come in handy when the baby in 4C keeps crying uncontrollably. It has up to 30 hours of battery life and quick-charge capabilities, giving you five hours of playback with just 10 minutes of charge.

"When I tried them on an airline flight, they not only provided magnificent sound with the engine noise gone (not just reduced) but also helped create a relaxing environment for the trip," one impressed shopper wrote.

$260 at Walmart

Want to save even more? Make sure you’re signed up for Walmart+. Right now, you can score an annual membership for just $49 — that's 50% off — or sign up for a free 30-day trial here. You’ll get free shipping and grocery delivery, savings on gas and prescriptions, exclusive access to major deals, and more. (And by the way, those without Walmart+ still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)

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