José Andrés Is Teaching a 3-Part MasterClass Covering Arepas, Mac 'n' Cheese, and Culinary History

Learn directly from the founder of World Central Kitchen.

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MasterClass has always been known for bringing in high-caliber talent to teach its students everything from how to write the perfect comedy script with Steve Martin to how to be a better athlete with Lewis Hamilton. But today's newest class announcement is just for the foodies.

On Monday, MasterClass announced chef and humanitarian José Andrés is taking to the teacher's seat to teach a three-part series on the "importance of understanding each other through food and using it to bring people together."

"I believe in the extraordinary power of food to bring people together," Andrés shared with Food & Wine about why he wanted to teach this new course. "Food is not just about nourishment … it's about history, stories, and connections."

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Throughout the course, Andrés shares the history of some of his favorite dishes, including mac n' cheese and arepas, so students can learn about their significance before also learning to cook the food. As Masterclass explained in a press release, "The series breaks the mold of traditional how-to cooking tutorials, inviting members to discover how food is meant to be shared, rejoiced over, and used as a connection point."

But Andrés isn't the only one sharing his knowledge. In the course, he also brings along nine guests to delve further into culinary traditions and how they've shaped iconic American dishes, including guests like a culinary historian and a former presidential pastry chef.

"I love sharing the rich history behind classic dishes and highlighting how coming together to cook can create a sense of unity and understanding," Andrés added. "To me, it’s an amazing opportunity to celebrate our differences and find common ground through the simple act of sharing a meal. And while this is technically my MasterClass, we also learn from some incredible people that I respect and admire and who share my passion for cooking and gathering around a table."

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As for what he hopes people come away with from his course, Andrés says it's all about connecting deeper with friends, family, and maybe even total strangers. (And yes, to make something tasty too.)

"Beyond learning how to make delicious dishes, I want people to understand the stories and traditions that have shaped these recipes over generations. I hope it inspires MasterClass members to truly embrace the idea of using food as a way to connect with family, friends, and strangers," he says, adding, "to feel inspired to build longer tables in their own lives and communities, by creating moments where people come together and celebrate our shared humanity over a meal."

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