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Keep your pet cool in the heat with this cooling pet pad: 'This literally changed the quality of her life'

Keep your pet cool in the heat with this cooling pet pad: 'This literally changed the quality of her life'

With much of the U.S. seeing air temperatures reach or exceed 90 Fahrenheit this week, you might be researching products to help you stay cool in the extreme heat. But we can't forget about our furry friends during extreme heat. After all, animals get hot, overheated and dehydrated just like we do — which is why this self-cooling pet pad is a genius idea to keep your best friends cool during the heat wave.

With this genuis cooling mat, the cooling gel is pressure activated — so there's no refrigeration or electricity required to cool your pet down. Once they lay on the pad, it gets to work cooling them to the touch to provide immediate relief. When they get up, the cooling gels automatically recharge after 15 minutes of non-use.

"It is definitely not the cheapest option, but it is SO worth the money!" wrote a reviewer who owns a Bernese mountain dog. "I’ve laid on it to test it myself and it is incredibly cold for hours and then takes about 10 minutes of no one on it to “reset” and be cold again. If you have a large, hairy, always hot pup I would HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!"

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The mat is filled with a safe and non-toxic gel that automatically cool when pressure activated. No water, refrigeration, freezer or electricity required to cool you pup down when they need it. Available in sizes XS to XL, the mats can accommodate dog breeds from pint-sized chihuahuas up to bulky Saint Bernards and lanky Great Danes.

The mats are essential if you live in an area that frequently deals with excessive heat warnings in the summer. Though it's not necessary for the cooling function, you can pop it in the fridge or freezer for a blast of extra cooling power when your pet is feeling excessively hot, too.

It's an obvious choice to keep out where you pet likes to sleep, but reviewers have found lots of clever uses for these cooling pads. Some recommend keeping using the cooling pad on long car rides, or to bring along on hiking, camping and fishing trips when their pet needs a cool-down.

Many reviewers even mention keeping one upstairs and one downstairs so their pets have a designated cooling place they can go to — no matter where they are. "We live in the South and a cool mat such as this for a pup with long fur is a necessity," wrote one reviewer. "She’ll be on it all summer."

For senior dogs especially this cooling pad has been helpful. Many reviewers say it's been especially effective with their seniors dogs, who have a harder time regulating body temperatures as they age. "This helped her so much — it allowed her to get a good nights rest," wrote one enthusiastic reviewer. "I will never ever ever ever not have one of these blankets for her because this literally changed the quality of her life.

And it's not just for pups. Several reviewers mention using this mat for their fluffy cats — and say it might even work for overheated humans, too!

"My long-haired, 11-year-old cat genuinely suffers on days when it's very hot in my second-floor apartment," wrote a reviewer. "I bought this mat not sure if he'd even use it, but he figured out what it does the very first time he stepped on it, and he absolutely loves it. He lies on it even on cool days because I think he likes the sensation of coolness so much. This cooling pad is a a miracle for our household."

"I laid on it to try it out and it was quite nice!" said another reviewer. "Could probably work great for someone who is a hot sleeper!"

At the end of the day, reviewers agree it's a great product if you're worried about your four-legged friend in the heat of summer. "It gives me peace of mind in the warmer months," one reviewer summarized.

Of course, don't leave it in direct sunlight as it'll affect the performance of the cooling pad.