Groom kicks best man out of wedding reception after he proposes during his speech

A man has revealed he kicked his best man out of his wedding reception after he proposed to his girlfriend during his speech.

In a post shared to the Am I the A**hole forum on Reddit, a 30-year-old man explained that he and his wife, 29, had been meticulously planning the event. However, he said what should have been the happiest day of his life was marred by the actions of his best man John, 32.

Happy young best man looking away while toasting champagne flute at garden wedding (Getty Images) (Getty Images)
Happy young best man looking away while toasting champagne flute at garden wedding (Getty Images) (Getty Images)

“It turned out perfect - almost,” he recalled, adding that John had excitedly accepted when he had asked him to be his best man. “The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was even better. Everything was going smoothly until the speeches. John got up to give his best man speech. “

“At first, it was full of the usual jokes and heartfelt stories, which everyone enjoyed,” he continued to write. “But then, out of nowhere, he turned to his girlfriend and started talking about their relationship. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee, proposing to her right there in the middle of my reception!”

The room went silent and the groom said he and his bride were furious.

“John’s girlfriend said yes, and everyone started clapping and cheering, but I was fuming,” he wrote. “I felt like my special day had been hijacked. Instead of celebrating our marriage, everyone was now focused on John and his fiancée.”

Once the initial shock wore off, the groom confronted John, telling him that what he did was “out of line.” John replied that he thought the groom would be happy for him, to which the groom replied that he was being “selfish and inconsiderate.” He ultimately kicked John out of the reception.

In the comment section, people sided with the groom, noting it was a major faux pas to steal the spotlight from the couple getting married.

“What the hell?! Talk about stealing someone’s thunder!!!” one person commented. “That was your special day, and he robbed it from you!!”

“If he thought you’d be happy, why didn’t he take two seconds beforehand to clear it with you?” another wrote.

“Simple rule everybody should know,” somebody commented. “Do not announce your ‘anything’ at somebody else’s wedding. For instance, a pregnancy, an engagement, certainly do not propose to your girlfriend, a new car, house, NOTHING. Someone else’s wedding is NOT ABOUT YOU AT ALL!!!”

“Proposing at someone else’s wedding is inappropriate and really tacky. I don’t know why anyone would think this is okay, who started it or what is wrong with them,” one user noted.