English Bulldog’s Face Upon Hearing He’s Getting a Bath Is Full of Disappointment

IMAGO / agefotostock

Some dogs love to hear that it's time for a bath, while others dread it. Zeus the English Bulldog happens to be one of those dogs who despises bathtime, and it's quite clear that he is not happy to hear he's going to be getting one in this video his mom shared in April.

The video starts with Zeus sitting on the couch. Zeus is a very big boy, and I'm sure bathing him is quite a chore! His mom tells him that he's going to be getting a bath and that he needs one because he's stinky...I'm sure he is with all of those rolls! Zeus is not happy to hear the word 'bath'; just look at his face, it says it all!

Not only did mom get side eye, but she also got a look of full irritation. I'm guessing Zeus is not planning on being very cooperative during the bath! Commenters got a kick out of Zeus' reaction to hearing that a bath was in his future. @Doser13 joked, "He's looking like "You're the only one complaining about my natural parfum". LOL!" @Trey bowman pointed out, "Bro is not happy", and another commenter added, "The look says it all…" I can't disagree with that! His mom made me laugh when she said in the caption that she got the silent treatment for the rest of the night!

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How Often Should You Bathe an English Bulldog?

Based on Zeus' reaction to the bath, I'm sure that nobody looks forward to the task. That made me wonder how often English Bulldogs need baths. I would think with all of those rolls they'd get pretty stinky, especially if mom didn't wipe him down in between baths.

Every dog is different and bath frequency depends on several factors including skin and coat condition, overall health, how active the dog is, whether they spend most of their time inside or outside, and the weather (dogs tend to need less baths during the colder months of the year). All that being said according to Rover, "every few weeks (or even months) should be more than enough." Another site said this breed can be bathed every week, but not to go more than 6 weeks without bathing. After a bit more digging, it seems that the general consensus is every 4-6 weeks.

Bathing your dog also includes basic grooming like nail clipping and ear cleaning. After bathing, have a fluffy, warm towel waiting to fold them in to, and don't forget to get excess water out of your pup's ears.

Overbathing can be just as bad as under bathing your dog. It can lead to dryness and irritation because it can strip the natural oils from their coat. This leads to itching and scratching and general grumpiness. It takes some time to figure out what's right for your dog and you'll need to go by trial and error to find the 'sweet spot' of just how often your pooch really needs a bath.

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