Feral Cat's Transformation to Pampered Indoor Prince Is a True Cinderella Story

Bogdan Sonjachnyj/Shutterstock

When something is meant to be, nothing will stand in the way of fate... or a determined animal rescuer. Just ask the hardworking husband and wife team at Freedom Farmhouse! When they bought the property for their farm back in 2018, they also took in the 16 barn cats who had been living on the land. The couple embraced them and made them part of their farmhouse family, and now they're rescuing animals in need to bring home to the farm. If you ask me, it sounds like living the dream!

One special barn cat has cuddled his way into their hearts and home, though it's taken several years to transform this formal feral cat into the pampered prince he truly is. Maci Moo's love is worth the time and effort, though, and a March 21 TikTok video proves just how far he's come. Something tells me this indoor cat won't be going back to his feral ways!

Aww! Maci Moo is such a handsome tuxedo cat. He looks incredibly regal rolling around on the bed like the king he is, and it's almost hard to imagine him being a feral cat just two years ago. But sure enough, he was just beginning to get used to life in a rescue cat colony at the beginning of 2023. The first step, of course, included going to the cat house for dinner every day! If dinner doesn't convince a food-motivated cat to get used to the good life, I'm not sure what will.

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This former barn cat may not be part of the outdoor colony anymore, but he seems more than content with the life he's built for himself. All of his outdoor cat friends get regular meals and 24/7 shelter, too, but Maci Moo and the indoor cats are truly living in luxury. It's such a gift that this couple can rescue so many animals just like this black and white kitty!

Outdoor or Indoor? That is the Question

There are millions of outdoor cats around the world, but should your cat be allowed to wander outside? Most cat experts would say no unless the cat is already used to living an outdoor life. Keeping your cat indoors has many benefits for both your cat and other felines--and even for you. When your cat is indoors, you'll know they're safe and getting all their needs met!

If you do take over the care of outdoor cats like Maci Moo and his friends, it's important to have them spayed and neutered. This will ensure that cat colony populations don't grow to out-of-control numbers and that more cats will be able to be rescued instead.

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