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Supporting Innovation And Creating Jobs In Niagara

Tuesday November 02, 2010 - Ministry of Research and Innovation


The Niagara Interactive Media Generator (nGen) has been selected to join the new Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE) .

ONE consists of 14 regional innovation centres across Ontario. These centres help local entrepreneurs bring new and innovative ideas to the marketplace, such as new ways to treat disease, cleaner ways to produce power and next-generation digital entertainment.

The centres also give entrepreneurs access to a broad range of experts, including researchers, academics, businesses, government and investors, who can help sell an idea and grow a business worldwide. 

Supporting made-in-Ontario technologies is part of Ontario’s strategy to make innovation a driving force of Ontario’s economy, and supports the Open Ontario Plan to build new opportunities for economic growth and jobs.


“The strength of Ontario’s creative environment, diverse culture, highly skilled workforce, world-class education system, internationally recognized research community and proven entrepreneurs is second to none.  ONE links these talents together across the province to ensure all great ideas have the opportunity to flourish — creating jobs and improving our lives now and in the future.”
Glen Murray, Minister of Research and Innovation

“The Niagara Region is turning heads in many innovative sectors such as digital technology.  nGen is helping stimulate local businesses and create local jobs.  Its entry into the Ontario Network of Excellence allows our region to capitalize on the brain power of all Ontario’s innovators in all of Ontario’s innovative industries.”
Jim Bradley , MPP, St. Catharines

“nGen and the ONE network will help better connect innovators, entrepreneurs and investors from around the province, and it’s these connections that will help boost the Niagara Region’s economy — building the Ontario we want for ourselves and our children.”
Kim Craitor , MPP, Niagara Falls

“Right now — from Windsor to Ottawa, Thunder Bay to Niagara — innovators are improving healthcare, protecting our environment, and changing the face of entertainment and business operations.  The power of ONE is that it links all these incredibly talented people together to ensure that if you have a great business idea, you have immediate access to the expertise you need to succeed.”
— Jeff Chesebrough, Executive Director, Niagara Interactive Media Generator (nGen)


  • In 2008-2009, Ontario’s local innovation centres helped our province’s technology-based entrepreneurs and companies: create and retain more than 3,400 jobs, protect over 1,300 new ideas through patents and copyrights, develop nearly 900 prototypes, bring more than 700 products and services to the market and sell to more than 3,500 new customers.
  • It is estimated that ONE will increase these numbers dramatically, by providing more coordinated, immediate and specialized help that is accessible across the province.
  • In the Niagara region, local thinking and support for innovation has already produced successful companies, like Keyframe Digital Productions Inc.  Keyframe is an award-winning contributor to the Hollywood film and gaming industries, working on movies like X-Men.


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